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State Wise Applicability of Professional Tax

State Wise Applicability of Professional Tax

State Wise Applicability of Professional Tax

State wise applicability of professional tax

State Wise Applicability of Professional Tax

Professional Tax Applicability
States Imposing PT States Not Imposing PT
1 Andhra Pradesh 1 Arunachal Pradesh
2 Assam 2 Delhi
3 Bihar 3 Goa
4 Chattisgarh 4 Haryana
5 Gujarat 5 Himachal Pradesh
6 Karnataka 6 Jammu & Kashmir
7 Kerala 7 Nagaland
8 Madhya Pradesh 8 Punjab
9 Maharashtra 9 Rajasthan
10 Manipur 10 Sikkim
11 Meghalaya 11 Uttar Pradesh
12 Mizoram 12 Uttaranchal
13 Orissa 13 Andaman & Nicobar
14 Puducherry 14 Chandigarh
15 Tamil Nadu 15 Daman & Diu
16 Tripura 16 Dadra & Nagar Haveli
17 West Bengal 17 Lakshadweep
18 Jharkhand

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    • Sanjeev Kumar

      Dear Abhinandan Jain, Professional Tax is applicable in the state of Jharkhand. There was a clerical error in the page, which has been rectified, We thank you for pointing out the error

  1. Anne Mendoza

    Hello, is prof tax really not applicable for the state of Goa? how come they have a prof tax table?

  2. Murthy bsr

    Our Contractor’s head office is at Kolkatta (West Bengal) and employees deputed at New Delhi (Delhi State). is Professional Tax applicable to be deducted from the employee’s salary?

    Presently Employer company has been deducting Professional Tax and not giving any convincing reasons to do so.
    Can you provide any documentary proof to deduct / not to deduct.

    Kindly advise…..
    Murthy bsr


    In Bihar, No P Tax is applicable.

  4. Preeti Thakur

    How the Ptax is deducted in Kerala and Tamilnadu? Whether it is deducted on monthly basis or half yearly basis?


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