We are providing Free ROC Filing Status Check Service for a limited time in view of the ROC Amnesty Scheme known as Companies Fresh Start Scheme -2020. Just fill the below form and give the correct name of your company and the same shall be converted as a service ticket for our CS Team. We would be conducting a thorough check on the ROC Filing Status at www.mca.gov.in and would let you know through email the current filing Status of your Company.

Please note that this is not a system or software-driven service, but the team shall be doing the checks under the supervision of company secretaries and after a thorough analysis will let you know the status.

Fill below form to Request Free ROC Filing Status Check

The Companies Fresh Start Scheme 2020 is never before one time scheme announced by the ministry of corporate affairs effective from 1st April 2020 allowing all the defaulting companies to file their pending ROC Returns including the annual returns. Please refer to our detailed analysis of the scheme at Companies Fresh Start Scheme 2020