PPL and IPRS Music License Registration Process

  • Setindiabiz Team
  • May 1, 2023
music license registration - Types

The Copyright Act, 1957 makes it mandatory to acquire a Public Performance License, entertainment license, and PPL license for performing in a public area. Such a license is also mandatory for pre-recorded music, whether it is being played in a public place, a commercial establishment or non-commercial establishment.

Public places like hotels, cafes, gyms, restaurants, offices, airplanes, etc., or college campuses for concerts, fests, and festivals are non-commercial spaces that are under the obligation to obtain music license by the Phonographic Performance Ltd (PPL). The IPRS, however, issues licenses to music users and also collects royalties from them on behalf of the creators of the music like authors, composers and publishers.

Types of Music Licenses in India

We have already discussed that the applicant needs to decide which category or what type of music license they wanted to obtain. In this context, we have listed all categories or types of music licenses below.

The first type of music licenses in India are those for public places and performances. They are required for playing music in public places like hotels, guest houses, resorts, vacation homes, clubs, lodges, shopping centers, parks, etc. Public event performances that are organized at pubs, nightclubs, amusement parks, dining restaurants, lounges, coffee houses, cafes, etc. also require music licenses. Banquet halls, auditoriums, waiting halls, etc. Music licenses are also required by publishers and broadcasters who broadcast music and live events via satellites, radio shows, television shows, etc.

The second type of music licenses are those that are obtained for online streaming of music on OTT or other digital platforms. Broadcasting of non-interactive and interactive music shows, live karaoke performances and the use of motion pictures on digital media, downloading, rental, and sale of music on digital media, audio recording facility on the digital medium also require music licenses.

Caller tone, ringtone, and caller back ringtone (CRBT) is the third type of music license.

Playing music for commercial purposes requires a different category of music license. For example, voice recordings for advertising, videos, and even promotional videos come under this category.

Once the applicant knows what category or type of license they need, it can be then easily applied for in the manner prescribed under law.

Registration Procedure For PPL Licenses In India

The application for obtaining music license registration can be submitted along with the prescribed fee and in the prescribed format only. The following are to be noted before applying for music license registration in India:

  • The applicant requires to contact the head of the PPL which is located in Mumbai, for any type of radio broadcasting license.
  • The applicant must submit the application for registration to the nearest liaison officer for music licenses, event licenses, etc anything of such nature.

Offices for obtaining PPL Licenses in India

  • Head Office and Central Licensing Office – Mumbai
  • North – New Delhi, Chandigarh, Lucknow, Udaipur, Jaipur, Agra, Shimla
  • South – Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Cochin, Coimbatore, Chennai
  • EastKolkata, Siliguri, Bhubaneshwar
  • WestMumbai – Dadar, Goa, Pune, Ahmedabad

The above are the places where offices for PPL license applications can be filed.

Registration Procedure For IPRS Music License In India

The following is the procedure that needs to be followed while applying for IPRS music license in India:

  • The applicant needs to select the category or type in which they want their music License.
  • On the official website of IPRS, the entire process has been broadly elaborated. The type of license required has to be selected by the applicant after filling in a few details like the applicant’s name, address, contact details, email ID, GST, etc.
  • Thereafter the applicant receives an OTP on mobile for further verification.
  • Such a procedure is completed after the payment of government fees. An online receipt is sent through email or SMS.
  • Thereafter an IPRS license is issued an introduction letter to the applicant which states the registration of the applicant in the database of IPRS.

Cost of obtaining Music License

The cost to obtain a PPL licence depends upon various factors like the location where the music is being played or performed, duration of music to be played, the number of songs to be played, nature and capacity of the premises, etc.

To obtain the Indian Performing Rights Society’s Limited or the IPRS License which is required for live music performances being organised by any entity, usually costs approximately Rs.1.5/ square meter. The minimum royalty to be paid is also INR 50,0000 etc.

Benefits Of Obtaining a music License

Music license gives an artist an open forum to showcase their talent to the world and a platform for protecting the artists’ original work. When any third party plays the music of an artist, the artist in return gets a royalty payment which eventually becomes a good source of income for them. Such a license not only protects them but also gives them the right to perform publicly. Any offender found who fails to follow the rules will be punished under sections 63 and 63 A of the Copyrights Act, 1957, and will be severely penalized for the same.

The above information gives a brief idea about obtaining a music license mainly PPL and IPRS Music License registration. At SetIndiabiz, we have a professional who is highly knowledgeable and experienced and who with absolute ease makes the entire procedure happen with ease. We provide services in New Delhi, Noida, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Pune, and Kolkata. The quality of service is excellent and is available to everyone at affordable prices. To know more about us and our services please visit our website and click here. You can also contact us via the number provided on our website.

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Q1: How is PPL different from IPRS?

For playing music in a restaurant or cafe, you need to register with Public Performance Limited (PPL) India, on the other hand, in order to use the lyrics/music chords in stage performance, band, or concert, you may need to have IPRS license that can be obtained by registering with the Indian Performing Rights Society (IPRS).

Q2: Is a Public Performance License (PPL)India essential for a wedding?

The circular stated that Section 51(1)(za) exempted the need of a Public Performance License (PPL) license in India for using sound recordings in marriage ceremonies and connected events.

Q3: What is a Public Performance License PPL cost in India?

When it comes to the cost of PPL License in India, the average cost of obtaining a PPL license varies from Rs 20 lakhs to Rs. 25 lakhs as per the flight school and the location.

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