How to Add Latitude and Longitude on Photo for INC-22A – Active Form for Company

In view of the recent amendment made by the Ministry Of Corporate Affairs in the rules, every company which has been incorporated on or before 31st December 2017 is required to file a declaration that the company is active, and compliant with all provisions of the companies act, 2013. The photograph of the registered address with Geo Tagging is required for filing 22A. In other words, you need to add Latitude and Longitude information of the registered address of the company to the photograph which needs to be attached with the INC-22A. To learn more on the requirement of filing Active Form by the Company and its detailed procedure please visit:

Sample Photo of Registered Office for Form INC-22A

There are widespread confusion and lack of knowledge or say the official source of information on the method as to how to add latitude and longitude on photo for INC-22A. Following is a workable solution as there is no government-approved app as such provided. I have compiled this information based on the pdf document available on servers of the government of India.

Following are the steps to add Latitude and Longitude on the photo of the registered address

  1. There is an app available at Android Play Store with the name – GPS Camera Photo with the location. Just search for the name and you will get to the app, Install it.

2 Install the app on the android phone with the camera, and allow to use location and media. which shall         be used to capture the image of registered address of the company for filing INC-22A

3 Setting Required

  • a. Open GPS Camera Photo with location . Then it looks like as below.
  • b. Click on setting icon and select Map + Both(Lat/Lng + Address) + Weather.
  • c. Take Picture of external view of registered address of the company with at least one director /KMP along with name plate/ shine board.
  • d. Take Picture with internal view of registered office of the company with at least one director /KMP.
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