After a copyright is registered changes can take place in the particulars of the entries which is maintained by the registrar of copyright. The registrar of copyrights may on its own (Suo Moto) or on receipt of an application of an interested person can amend or alter the register of copyright so that the register of copyright reflects correct and updated particulars with respect to a copyright. there are two sections of copyright act which deals with the changes in copyright particulars which are as under Change Particulars Copyright Section 49: The registrar of copyright may order correction in the entries of a register of copyright.


Section 50: The copyright board, on an application of the registrar of copyrights or of any person aggrieved shall order rectification in the following situation.

  1. Correction of any error in any name, address or particulars
  2. Correction of any other error which may have arisen therein by accidental slip or omission

Government Fee for Registration of Copyright

Change Particulars Copyright

Sl. NoType of CopyrightAmount(INR)
1Literary Work200 Per Work
2Dramatic Work200 Per Work
3Music Work200 Per Work
4Artistic Work200 Per Work
5Literary or Art Work which is subject to Trademark Laws (see section 45 of copyright act)1000 Per work
6Cinematograph Film2000 Per work
7Sound Recording1000 Per work
8Computer Programs As Literary Work200 Per Work

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