Exemption Notification - Karnataka Profession Tax - Exemption Notification - Karnataka Profession Tax Dated 13 July 2023 Dated 13 July 2023.

In Karnataka, the Professional Tax (PT) is a tax levied on professions, trades, and employment. It is applicable to all salaried employees, professionals, and traders, and serves as a source of revenue for the state government. The “Exemption Notification – Karnataka Profession Tax” document lists specific categories that are exempt from this tax, indicating the government’s intention to provide financial relief to specific groups and encourage particular economic activities. These exemptions include individuals with disabilities, ex-servicemen, owners of a limited number of transport vehicles, and certain educational institutions. The notice issued by the Government of Karnataka, dated 13th July 2023, outlines the various categories of individuals and entities exempted from paying professional tax in Karnataka.

The exemptions include:

These exemptions aim to provide financial relief to certain groups and support specific economic activities within the state. Notably, Notification Number 1, dated 13 July 2023, also rescinded 14 notifications that were issued earlier. The notification number 2 seems consolidated, combining all the earlier issued exemption notifications.