Simple Steps to Check Company Registration Status on MCA Website- Online Process

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  • July 17, 2023
steps to track Pvt Ltd Company registration status
This blog explains the process to check company registration status online on the MCA website. Also, the process for downloading company incorporation documents has been explained in detail. Understanding these processes will help you verify the credentials of a registered company easily.
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A registered company is one of the most credible business entities in India, owing to its legal incorporation by the Registrar of Companies. This credibility is further enhanced due to transparency of its information for public viewing and inspection. We have explained one of the easiest ways to access, inspect and verify the information and documents of a registered company on the MCA website. The website allows you to check company registration status and download important documents of the company through quick online processes.

Prerequisites to Check Company Registration Status Online

To check company registration status online, a company must first be registered with the ROC. For this, the applicant needs to file an online application on the MCA website and obtain the Registration Certificate. The Certificate Of Registration contains CIN or Corporate Identification Number of the company. CIN is a unique identification number allotted to every registered company in India. Having this number is essential to check company registration status online on the MCA website. Here’s how you can register a company and obtain its CIN number!

Process of Company Registration

To register a company in India, you need to follow and navigate through several steps. We have explained these steps in detail below. Completing the process of company registration is extremely quick and easy. Moreover, since the process is entirely online, it is cost effective as well. After the company is registered, it receives its CIN number which can be used to further check company registration status online on the MCA website.
  • Documentation: The first step is to prepare all the documents required for company registration. These include KYC documents of all first shareholders and directors, proof of registered office address of the company, and No Objection Certificate from the owner of the registered office space. Besides, the company’s Memorandum and Articles of Association also have to be drafted for submission during company registration.
  • Visit the MCA website and Login: After preparing the documents required for company registration, you can move ahead with the application process. The process can be completed online on the MCA website. For this, an account needs to be created on the website to receive login credentials. Upon signing into the account, applicant can access the application form for company registration and proceed.
  • File the Application for Company Registration: The application for company registration is called SPICE Plus or INC-32. It is divided into two parts- Part A and Part B. PART A is filed first for name approval of the company. After the name is approved and finalised, the applicant can proceed to PART B which contains the registration form. All details must be filled out carefully here. The documents we discussed in the first step have to be uploaded and authenticated by digital signature of the authorised director.
  • Pay the Application Fee and Submit: After completing the form, the applicant must pay the requisite fee to finally submit it. The fee for company registration depends on the company’s authorised capital. Up to Rs.15 lakhs of authorised capital, no fee is charged. Beyond Rs.15 lakhs, a fee of Rs. 500 is charged for Part B only. Part A of the form filed for name approval, on the other hand, has a fixed fee of Rs.1,000.
  • Receive the Company Registration Certificate and CIN: The submitted form, after payment of the requisite fee, is further processed and examined. Upon successful verification of the details and documents, the ROC approves the form and registers the company. As a conclusive evidence of such registration, the ROC issues a Registration Certificate and allots a unique CIN to the company.
  • Proceed with Checking Company Registration Status:  After the company receives its CIN, its registration status can be checked online on the MCA website. To check the company registration status, a simple process must be followed. We have explained every single step of this process in further sections. If you have any additional queries, our team shall be available for a free consultation.

Documents Required for Company Registration

Documents form an extremely crucial part of the company registration application. Without adequate, accurate, and updated documents, receiving the CIN number of your company is unfeasible. Here’s a complete list of documents required for a successful company registration process, the most important prerequisite to check company registration status online.
  1. KYC documents of all promoters – PAN, Adhar, Address Proof, and coloured photographs 
  2. Documents of Registered Office – Proof of address of Registered office, NOC from the owner of office space 
  3. e-MoA and e-AoA
  4. Director’s consent and declarations in forms DIR 2, INC 9, and INC 14
  5. Class 3 Digital Signature Certificate of the authorised director.

How to Check Company Registration Status Online?

The Ministry of Corporate Affairs has provided a range of e-services and facilities on its official website. These include DIN services, DSC services, E-filing services for LLPs and companies, public search for trademarks, independent director databank, and the service to check company registration status free of cost.
One can check company registration status to know details like the company’s name, type of entity, registration status, registration number, date of registration, names of all its directors, and several other details. Besides, important documents like the MOA of the company, its balance sheet, and Certificate of Registration can also be publicly viewed and downloaded from the site.

Process to Check Company Registration Status

The process of checking company registration status involves extremely simple steps. You must have your company’s CIN or Corporate Identification Number. To complete the process, you can visit the official MCA website, navigate through MCA services and go to the master data option. It is here that you can check company registration status and several other details of the company. Navigate through the following steps to complete the process.

Step 1: Visit the MCA Website

Open the official website of MCA. From the main menu tab, click on MCA services. A drop-down will appear with a list of services mentioned in it. You must choose the “Master Data” Option here and then go to “view company and LLP Master Data”.
Simple Steps to Check Company Registration Status on MCA Website- Online Process

Step 2: Enter Company CIN

You will be redirected to a new window where you will be asked to fill out the name of the company or its CIN. You can enter the CIN of the company mentioned in its Registration Certificate. Click on the “submit” to proceed.
Simple Steps to Check Company Registration Status on MCA Website- Online Process

Step 3: Get Company Registration Details

If the CIN you’ve submitted is true and valid, all the information and significant documents of the registered company, including its registration status, will be displayed on the screen. These details shall include the following:
  • Name of the company
  • CIN
  • RoC Code
  • Company Registration Number
  • Category, subcategory, and class of company
  • Authorised & Paid Up capital
  • Number of members, applicable only in the case of companies that do not have authorised capital. 
  • Date of registration
  • Registered office address
  • Registered email address
  • Whether listed or unlisted
  • Date of last Annual General Meeting
  • Date of Filing last Balance Sheet
  • Names and DINs of all the directors, along with their contact details and their dates of appointment. 
Simple Steps to Check Company Registration Status on MCA Website- Online Process

Process to Download Company Registration Documents

Besides the service to check company registration status, MCA also provides the service of getting downloadable documents of a registered company. These include the Incorporation documents, Certifications, documents related to change in directors, charge documents, annual returns, and annual balance sheets. However, unlike checking the registration status of a company which is a free service, downloading company registration documents is a paid service provided by the MCA. Here is the detailed process of how to download the incorporation documents and other certifications of a Company:

Step 1: Login to the MCA Website & Access the Service

To download incorporation documents of a company, the first step is to visit the MCA website. For this service, you will have to login to your account. After signing in, the next step is to go to the main menu tab and select “Document Related Services” from the drop down. Among the further options, select “Get Certified Copies”.

Step 2: Enter Requisite Information

You will be redirected to another window where you will have to enter requisite details of the company. There are three options available here. You can either search by company name, its CIN, or by its Registration Number. You need to enter the information that’s available with you and submit.

Step 3: Select Document Category & Relevant Year

Subsequently, you will be asked to select the category of document you wish to download along with the relevant year of its filing. If you wish to download the Incorporation documents, select the incorporation year. For other Certifications, you can select the year in which they were obtained. For annual return and annual balance sheets, you can select the relevant year of their filing.

Step 4: Pay Requisite Charges

After selecting the documents category and relevant year, the concerned documents will appear in their respective PDF formats. You can add them to cart, pay the requisite fees and download the documents easily. Make sure the documents being downloaded are Certified Copies, and if not, select the “Certified Copies” option before downloading. Payment charges will depend on the document category, number of copies, number of pages per copy, stamp duty and court charges, if applicable. The payment can be made online using net banking, debit / credit cards, and NEFT transactions. Once the payment is confirmed an SRN will be generated to acknowledge the same.

Step 5: Download Incorporation Documents of the Company

After the relevant fee is paid, go back to the main menu tab. Under MCA Services, select “Document Related Services”. Among the further options, select “View Public Documents”. You can start viewing the documents you’ve paid for within 7 days after the payment is confirmed. However, once you’ve started viewing, you must download the documents within 3 hours. To download a copy, simply click on the download button.


The Master Data feature lets anyone check essential information about a registered company or LLP. You can access this service for free on the official Ministry of Corporate Affairs website. The details provided online cover the company’s name, identification, location, and registration information. Moreover, you can also download the company’s incorporation documents with minimal fee payment. This tool is useful because it allows you to quickly confirm if a company or LLP is genuine and active in the market.


Q1: How do I check company registration status on the MCA website?

Checking company registration status on the MCA website is a straightforward process. First, visit the MCA website and navigate to “MCA Services.” Then select “Master Data” and choose “View Company and LLP Master Data.” Enter the company’s Corporate Identification Number (CIN) and submit. You’ll be able to view all details of the company including its name, registration number, registration date, compliance status, list of directors and so on.

Q2: What is a CIN and why is it important to check company registration status?

A Corporate Identification Number or CIN is a unique identifier assigned to every registered company in India. It is crucial for checking company registration status on the MCA website.

Q3: How can I download company incorporation documents from the MCA website?

You can download various documents related to a company’s incorporation by signing in to the MCA website. After logging in and accessing “Document Related Services,” select “Get Certified Copies.” You’ll need to provide details like the company’s name or CIN and select the desired document category along with the relevant year. By paying a nominal fee, you can download incorporation documents, certifications, balance sheets, annual returns and more.

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