Knock Out Trademark Search in India

A trademark knockout search, also known as a preliminary trademark search, is a quick search conducted to identify any obvious conflicts between a proposed trademark and existing trademarks. This search is usually conducted before a comprehensive trademark search to give an initial idea of whether a proposed trademark is likely to face objections during the trademark registration process.
A trademark knockout search involves searching for the proposed trademark in reliable databases of existing trademarks. You can use the database of the Indian Trademark Registry for this purpose. The search aims to identify any identical or similar trademarks that can potentially conflict with the proposed trademark.

Why Conduct a Trademark Knockout Search in India?

Conducting a Trademark knockout search is considered as the prerequisite to filing an application for Trademark Registration as it helps minimise the chances of falling into legal disputes or conflicts with third parties over the use of a particular trademark in the future. Here are some of the major reasons why you should conduct a Trademark knockout search before applying for Trademark registration in India:
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  1. To identify identical or similar trademarks that may conflict with the proposed trademark
  2. To Determine the chances of a successful trademark registration
  3. To Evaluate the risk of infringing an existing trademark
  4. To Avoid legal challenges and infringement lawsuits in the future
  5. To build a brand with a completely unique mark that will help your business stand out among competitors

How to Conduct a Trademark Knockout Search?

To conduct a trademark search in India, start by identifying the goods or services that the proposed trademark will be used for. There are several classifications of Goods and Services for Trademark Search which you can use. In India, the Nice Classification is quite popular. Then, use the Indian Trademark Search Portal (ITSP) to conduct a preliminary knockout search for any potential conflicts. Review the search results and evaluate any potential conflicts based on the similarity of marks and goods/services. If the knockout search results are in favour of your proposed trademark, proceed with a comprehensive search. Keep in mind that a knockout search is not a substitute for a comprehensive search or legal advice from a qualified attorney in India. A comprehensive search will provide a more thorough analysis of potential conflicts and the likelihood of success in trademark registration.

To Understand more clearly let’s consider a Trademark Knockout Search Example!

Suppose you plan to start a clothing line in India and want to register a trademark for your brand name, ‘StyleRise.’ Before filing the trademark application, you need to conduct a knockout search to ensure that the name is not already registered or in use by another clothing company. For this, you can use the free public search tool provided by the Indian Trademark Registry website.
After conducting a preliminary search, if no similar or identical trademarks are found, you can conduct a comprehensive trademark knockout search using the services of a trademark attorney or a trademark search firm.
Trademark Knockout Search
However, if the knockout search reveals that a similar or identical trademark already exists, you will need to choose a different brand name to avoid potential legal challenges, and only then can you move further to conducting a comprehensive search.