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A private limited company is the most common form of business suitable for a startup because the angel investors, banks prefer it while financing the business, venture. Register your new private limited in India @ Rs. 15000/- with us and take advantage of 13+ years experience.

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Startup Registration

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Popular Forms of Business to Start Your Venture

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Proprietorship Registration in India

Proprietorship Registration

No registration is required to start a sole proprietorship business, However to open a bank account in the name of business two registration is needed like vat, service tax registration. Read More

LLP Registration in India

Limited Liability Partnership

A LLP is advanced form of partnership with limited liability, minimum 2 person can form it which takes around 20 days. Our registration of LLP packages startrs at Rs. 7,500/- Only Read More

One Person Company in India

One Person Company

In new companies act 2013 now a private limited company can be promoted by one person alone, formation takes around 20 days. Our OPC registration service is available at Rs. 13000 onwards. Read More

private limited company registration

Private Limited Company

Private Limited CompanyMost common form of business, two person can start, formation takes around 20 days, Our registration packages starts at Rs. 15000/- Only. Read More

partnership firm registration esaily at lowest price

Partneship Registration

Though registration is not mandatory, However an unregistered partnership firm cannot recover due of more than Rs. 100 through court of law. Hence registration is most important Read More

Public Limited Registration in India

Public Limited

A public Limited Company cabn have unlimited number of members, can raise fund from public at large in compliance with SEBI rules and regulations in India Read More

Process of OPC & Private Limited Company Registration

Digital Signature of Director

DSC is required for efiling with MCA. An applicantion need to be filed alongwith ID and Address proof duly attested by a Gazetted Officer, Post Master or a Manager of Nationalised Bank.

Director Identification Number

It is a unique number which is allotted to a director of a company or designated partner of a LLP, Attested Photo, ID and Address proof is required to be filed along with application

Name Approval Of Company

A Company registering In India need to get its name approved from the ROC, The name should be new, unique and which does not closely resembles with an already registered compan.

MOA & AOA of Company

MOA is a legal document which defines activities of the company where as the AOA is rule book for company opertion. these are drafted in line with the provisions of companies Act 2013.

Company Incorporation

Based of declaration & information provided in the application the ROC registers a Company and issues a certificate of incorporation, which is considered as conclusive proof of registration.

PAN, TAN & Bank Account

A Company needs a bank account to operate its business, our specialists shall be helping you in opening the bank acccount after the Pan is allotted, Tan is for TDS Compliance

Simple & Transparent Basic Pricing for LLP | OPC | Private Limited Company



All India Price

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This Pack enables you to have a legal entity registration with all necessary document

7500/- For Delhi Also
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  • DSC of Two Designated Partner
  • DIN for Two Designated Partner
  • LLP Name Approval
  • LLP Deed Drafting
  • LLP Incorporation Fee
  • PAN Card & TAN
  • LLP Incorporation Certificate
  • LLP Kit For Bank A/C Opening



All India Price

Order Now Outsider Delhi

This Pack enables you to have a legal entity registration with all necessary document

13000/- For Delhi Only
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  • DSC of One
  • DIN for One
  • Name Approval of Company
  • Incorporation Certificate
  • PAN Card
  • TAN
  • Share Certificate
  • Company Kit

Private Limited


All India Price

Order Now Outsider Delhi

This Pack enables you to have a legal entity registration with all necessary document

14000/- For Delhi Only
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  • DSC of Two Director
  • DIN of Two Director
  • Company Name Approval
  • Incorporation Fee
  • PAN Card
  • TAN
  • Share Certificate
  • Company Kit

Add On Services

Advantages of OPC Company | Private Limited Company Registration

Limited Liability

Limited Liability implies that the owners or shareholders of the company are not personally liable to pay the business debts. They are only responsible for the unpaid shares of the company. In order to reap the Limited Liability Benefit, owner needs to comply with certain corporate rules and regulations which includes keeping up with paperwork and accurately capitalizing the business.

Perpetual Existence

Perpetual Existence refers to the continuation of an incorporated firm's existence, which implies that these firms are unaffected by the death of owner or the transfer of its shares to a new establishment. The best part of perpetual existence is that a company will continue to exist, no matter how many directors, officers and shareholders join or leave.

Capacity to Sue and to be Sued

Private Limited Companies enjoy the advantage to carry out legal proceedings and to bring a suit in the court of law. Like an individual, the companies can bring a legal action in another person’s name and also can be sued in the court of the law as they are distict & independent legal entities different from its owners, promoters & directors

Distinct Legal Entity

A legal entity like a company has a separate identity from its owners or shareholders. With the incorporation of the company according to the law in force it becomes a distinct legal entity which is different from its promoters and is treated separate under law

Borrowing Capacity

Not only the private limited companies receive great financial assistance from banks and financial institutions but also enjoys an advantage of borrowing funds. A private limited company can also issue debentures apart from accepting deposits from the public.

Owning Property

Like a person a private limited company can purchase, sale, own, possess, enjoy and transfer property rights to anyone in its own name. Moreover, no claim can be made upon the property of the company by the shareholder as long as it exists.

Common Questions On Proprietorship Formation Online


What is Private Limited Company?

A sole proprietorship is a the simplest form of business, which you will find all over world. Its like you woke up today and want to sell grocery, and you purchase goods from a wholesaler and start selling them instantly. You have created a proprietorship, No registration is needed. In case you need to open a bank account approach your nearest bank account and open a current account with them.


For small businesses, what are the benefits of Pvt. Ltd. Companies?

Private Limited Companies offer reliability or trustworthiness to businesses in financial institutions, suppliers and potential clients. As it makes easier for companies to receive loans at suitable terms from convincing potential clients or banks while making and finalising deals, these companies are trusted more than other forms of business. (1) Limited liability of shareholders to the extent of their contributed capital only. (2) Limited liability of shareholders to the extent of their contributed capital only.(3)Perpetual succession of a company


Is the structure of Pvt. Lvt. Company favourable for any type of business?

Yes, private limited company form of organization is suitable for any type of business. A private limited company is known to be reliable and more trustworthy as compared to other business structures.


What are the responsibilities of a director?

Director of the Company is responsible for managing the company in an efficient way. The responsibility of a director also depends upon the kind of directorship he owns in that particular company. It is of great significance to know that responsibility of an executive director or a managing director is greater than a non-executive director who holds the directorship as an expert or consultant.


How to form a Private Limited Company?

Any two or more members/ persons can form a private limited company. A minimum of two individuals shall act as directors of the company. The shareholders (initial members/promoters) can themselves choose to become director. It is practically seen that generally shareholders are also directors of the same private limited company filing of required documents (Director Identification number, Application for name approval, Incorporation documents such as MOA/AOA/, registered address) with the Registrar of Companies is


What does Director Identification Number (DIN) imply?

If any individual intends to become director in a company, he/she needs to apply for director identification number, issued by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs. It is a proof of identity and address, thus is required to be submitted along with required fee while submitting Director Identification Number(DIN) Application. Director Identification Number (DIN) can be approved within 3-4 days, if the documents are in an orderly manner. The best part is that approved DIN is valid for life and can be used by the director, even if he/she has directorship in more than one company.


Is there any qualification required to become a director?

Any individual can be a shareholder in a private limited company. For becoming a director in a company, no professional or educational qualification is required.


Can registered office be changed after the registration of the company?

Yes, registered office can be changed after the registration of the company anytime by ensuring that you follow a specified procedure. It has to be taken care that the changed address of the office needs to be situated within the same state or in a different state from the state in which it was originally registered.