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An applicant for a patent can protect an invention in India, by filing an application for a patent in India or patenting it in India. Patent registration in India will help a patentee to enjoy and exercise his monopoly rights bestowed by the Indian patent law. A patentee can commercialize the patented product in India and can earn monetary profits for term of 20 years.

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Patent Registration in India

Patent can be Registered in India as per the Indian Patent Law. A patent can be registered by filing a patent application with the Indian Patent office. The patent application can be ordinary application, National phase application under PCT or a conventional application. Generally an ordinary application is filed with the Indian Patent office to obtain a patent. An ordinary application does not claim a priority from any other application.Further, after filing of a patent application, the patent application is examined by an examiner of the patent office. After examination of the application, a FER or first examination report is issued by the examiner containing a list of objections, to which an applicant or his authorized agent has to file a response. If needed, the examiner can call an applicant or his agent for a hearing. Once the examiner is satisfied with the response filed by an applicant, he may put the application in order for grant.

Benefits of Patent Registration

Patent grants exclusive right to commercially exploit the rights over an Invention
Inventor can assign his rights in favour of another person against consideration
having patent on invention make chances of getting designated as startup high
Exclude all others for using, selling, offering for sale your invention in your country
Having patents help you in raising finance as investor values it

Process of Patent Registration

Write down your invention (idea or concept) in maximum detail possible
Use drawings, diagrams, sketches to explain how Invention works
Check if the invention is patentable or not in terms of the Patent Act
File the patent application with specification, drawings and Claims to government
Patent office to examine the application and if found in order will advertise it for grant of patent

Documentation for Patent Registration

Authorisation to patent attorney to file for patent in India
Fill the patentquestionnair, where information is collected for making the application
Drafting of specification in great detail so that any other person of same skill can perform it
Declaration of Inventorship to be signed by the Inventor
In case of International application, the prior art documents

Procedure for Obtaining Patent in India

patent search

1 - Prior Art Search

Patent is granted for invention of good or industrial process, which is new (novel) and in relation to that there is no prior art. With prior are mean that there is no evidence either in the form of a testament or in form of prior knowledge anywhere in the world.

patent registration process

2. Provisional Application Filing

We strongly recommend to file a provisional application of Patent immediately after the invention is conceived. So, that even if it is leaked it should not create prior art against the invention being applied. The provisional application must contain the maximum possible disclosure of the invention.

filing of complete specification

3. Complete Specification Filing

Within 12 months of filing the provisional application the complete specification must be filed with drawings and claims of the invention. The final specification must be search with which a person of same skill can perform the invention.

Simple & Transparent Pricing for Patent Registration

(Service Tax @ 15% on Professional Fee Extra to be billed on Actual Basis)

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  • Government Filing Fee
  • GST @ 18% on Prof Fee
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Why To Obtain Patent Registration

legal protection

Legal Protection

Only owners of registered patents are allowed to take action or sue for damages in case of patent infringement. Patent protection is not enforceable for inventions that are not registered.

Patent Registration in India

Competitive Edge

Patent registration will provide a unique competitive edge for the business. Competitors will not be allowed to use the patented invention for similar goods or services.

Patent Registration in India

Creation of Asset

Patent registration creates an intellectual property, which is an intangible asset for an organization. Registered patent is an intangible asset that can be sold, franchised or commercially contracted

What can be patented?

It can be any invention related to work, manufacturing, the machine, process, computer software or any other which was never introduced to the public before. If a patent is granted in India does it mean that it will protect my invention outside India as well?A patent granted in India is applicable only in India i.e. a patent owner cannot exercise his rights outside India. If the patent owner wants to get protection in countries outside India then they can apply for the same in other countries within 12 months of getting a patent in India.common question bottom

Should I patent my publication before or after publishing the details of invention?
Do I need professional help to draft and file an application for a patent on my behalf?
Is it possible to keep my invention secret after getting a patent for it?
common question topIs it possible to patent my app?
Is it possible to get my software related invention patented?
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