Every LLP is required to have a registered address for the purpose of receiving all the communication / notices from the registrar of LLP, Central or State Government, Income tax Department or other authorities. This is the address which is registered by the ROC in their records as the registered office of the LLP.

Though LLP can have various office throughout India, it shall have only one address marked as registered address of the LLP and the same must be reported and registered with the registrar of LLP. any changes in the registered address of LLP must be updated with the registrar.

The significance of registered address of LLP can be appreciated by the fact that as per law, the LLP is required to maintain its Books of A/c at the registered address only further all the minutes book of the LLP be also kept and maintained there for a period of eight years. Further the jurisdiction of registrar of LLP is also determined by the situation of LLP.

LLP can change its registered address by following due process of law which is normally prescribed in the LLP agreement and in case the agreement is silent on any point then in that case the LLP Act may be referred to

A Change of registered office address of LLP within the jurisdiction of ROC.

B Change of registered office from the jurisdiction one registrar to other within the same state.

C Change of registered office from one state to another state.

A. Change of Address within same ROC.

The partners of LLP can change the registered address from one city to another or from one address to another address within the jurisdiction of same ROC within the same state, for this purpose following steps shall be required:

Call for meeting of all partners and pass a resolution for change of Address of LLP with majority or as described under LLP agreement.
In the same meeting, one designated partner shall be authorised to file necessary application for change of Registered address with the registrar and to do any other matter related thereof.
Intimate the registrar of LLP about change of Registered Address within 30 days of decision by the partners by filing Form 15 with prescribed fee to registrar of LLP.
Approval of Form 15 shall be intimated by ROC to applicant by mail and subsequently the master data of the LLP will start reflecting the new address.
ROC will not issue any fresh Certificate towards the change of Address.
Along with Form 15, copy of Resolution adopted by the partners, premises proof and a no objection certificate (NOC) from the owner of the premises shall also be filed.
Subsequent to change of address, the LLP shall also make changes in all its stationery, letterhead, Invoices, Bill Books, display boards, etc.
Pursuant to change of Address of LLP, the same shall be updated in all registration and licenses secured by the LLP, Income Tax Database by amending PAN and TAN.

Please note the change in registered office will effect only after approval of Form 15. After approval, LLP agreement will be amended with situation clause and Form 3 shall be duly filed within 30 days.

B. Change of Address from one Jurisdiction of ROC to another ROC within same state.

For Transfer of registered office from the Jurisdiction of one ROC to another no consent is required from the secured creditors, there is no need to publish any public notice as such. The same procedure shall be adopted by filing form 15 within 30 days of decision by the partners of LLP. Further change in LLP agreement shall take place as a normal practice.

C. Change of Address from one state ROC to another State ROC.

Partners will meet and analysis the list of secured creditors. Consent from all such creditors shall be obtained for the shifting of Registered office from one state to another.
Newspaper Notice shall be published in two newspapers, one in english language news paper and another is the principal/ primary language of state where ROC is situated, Notice must be published prior to 21 days of filing the intimation to ROC.
After expiry of 21 days of public notice and within 30 days of such notice, the LLP will file, Form 15 shall be filed to the ROC intimating ROC with the following attachments:-
Consent letter of the auditors (secured)
List of secured creditors.
Copy of resolution passed by LLP with majority approving such change of address from one state to another state.
Consent of all partners.
Proof of the new registered Address.
NOC from the Owner of the premises.

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