Main Object of Company MOA for Information Technology Consultancy

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Main Object of Information Technology Consultancy Company

Main Object of Information Technology Consultancy Company Main objects of Information Technology Company is a legal document prepared in the formation and registration process of a company to define its relationship with shareholders.

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  1. To carry on the business of consultancy in the field of information technology and software development in all its forms and perspectives and to undertake all such activities as are connected, linked or associated with software development, operation, data communication, IT Recruitment and Marketing and other related services.
  2. To establish the business of consultancy in the field of software development and to provide services of project management, IT requirements management, recruitment, placement services for IT and others related professionals as per needs of Clients whether domestic or overseas. Main Object of Information Technology Consultancy Company
  3. To Carry on the business of arranging talented and skilled employees to the Companies who seek employment at various organizational levels in the field of Banking, financial services, Consumer, Retail & Services, Energy & Infrastructure, Information and Communication Technology, IT enabled Services, Manufacturing, Media, Entertainment, Hospitality and Pharma, Healthcare and Life Sciences and various other Industries and organizations, providing Temporary and permanent staffing solutions across a range of skill-sets for a variety of industries/organizations for both domestic and international Clients and enter into necessary agreements for rendering of services.
  4. To carry on the activity of Consultancy Services in Managing the entire HR process right from recruitment, Interviewing and selection, placement, payroll, compliance, training till providing detailed management reports and develop human capital by better manpower planning, competency profiling of roles and role holders, enhance the support to the Companies/Organizations as an agency by on-boarding of trained staff under its name or its Clients to the various levels of the organization whether temporary or permanent on commission basis and other related ancillary services in connection therewith. Main Object of Information Technology Consultancy Company
  5. Provide IT Services like system analysis and design, programming, software testing, software quality assurance, outsourcing of IT and telecommunication services, IT consultancy and IT process development services to the international or domestic markets and also fulfill recruitment needs in these areas.
  6. Hire skilled and experienced recruiters, marketers, HR and IT professionals to help the company render its services to its clients whether domestic or overseas.
  7. To carry on the business of providing services of Call Center, telemarketing services, monitoring services, help desk services and other client support services for providing both Inbound and Outbound support to companies, businessmen, individuals, to public and private sector, both within and outside the country and to provide training services, or any other connected or relevant business or which can be conveniently connected with the objects of the Company. Main Object of Information Technology Consultancy Company
  8. To acquire advanced telecommunication technology, E-mail, internet, fax and exchange services, and provide both project and bureau services associated with this technology, project services include feasibility studies, consultation project implementation, market development, import services, maintenance, computer software customization, optimization and system integration, and to set up a countrywide network for value added communication services, procure equipment and arrange its management, operations, and maintenance.
  9. To undertake and execute feasibility studies for computerization, setting up all kinds of computer systems and digital/electronic equipment’s and selection, acquisition and installation whether for the company or its customers or other users.

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