Main Object of Finance and Investment Company

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Main Object of Company MOA for Finance and Investment Company

  1. To finance, hire-purchase requirements of vehicles, buses, lorries, ships, aircrafts of all descriptions, machinery, buildings, tractors, ancillaries etc. of the transport undertakings, meaning a corporation , company or departmental undertaking which is engaged in the operations, management, repairing, maintenance, manufacturing or trading of any mode of transportation, be it by sea, air or road.
  2. To undertake hire purchase arrangements or purchases on installments for the purpose of purchasing of aircrafts, ships, lorries, buses, vehicles, tractors, machinery, equipment , buildings, ancillaries etc. required for the operations, repairs and maintenance of the transport undertakings as well as units involved in the manufacturing, processing or storage of the spare parts, apparatus connected with these units.
  3. To assist the transport undertaking with long or medium-term loans or subscribe to their share capital, equity or preference share, debentures, or assist in other ways within the restrictions imposed by the RBI, or by any other authority under the law in force from time to time.
  4. To establish, companies or films for undertaking working work, projects or enterprise of any description whether of a public, private or government character in India or elsewhere and to acquire underwrite and disposal of shares and interest in any such companies or firms or in any other company to the firm or in the undertakings thereof
  5. To execute directly or by contributions or other assistance any such or other work undertakings, projects and enterprise for anyone else or on behalf of anyone else either on contract or agencies
  6. To obtain capital for any company or firm and issue capital of such companies or firm and to subscribe for purchases, dispose of and otherwise deal in the shares, binds, securities of such companies, firms or any other securities and to invest the surplus fund of the company in landed properties, shares debentures and government securities or place the fund of the company/firms in inter-corporate or other deposits, finance or to provide loans to firms, individuals and corporations.
  7. To do investment in immovable property like land, plots, buildings, flats, bungalows, row houses or acquire, improve, manage, develop all rights in respect of leasehold and freehold right of properties and to sell, acquire and dispose of, turn to account and otherwise deal with the properties and to sell, acquire and dispose of, turn to account and otherwise deal with the property of all kinds including land, buildings, patents, copyright act.
  8. To form, subsidies and give assisance to companies, syndicates, firms and individuals to aid municipal, individuals, firms, other local body or company with capital, credit, means or resources for the execution of any works, undertakings, projects or enterprise.
  9. To carry on business as concessionaries, financiers, merchants and to undertake, carry and execute all kinds of commercial, financial, trading and other operations.
  10. To carry on the businesses of finance and advancing long term and short-term loans and credits to individuals, firms, companies or association of individuals, association of persons by whatever name called and either on securities such as buildings, lands or part thereof , plant and machinery, chattels, vehicles, debentures, shares, government securities, stock certificates, life insurance policies and unit stock in trade or on guarantee or to clean without securities and to finance leading operation of all kinds.
  11. To carry on the business of financiers, concessioners, merchants, and the business to hire purchase and installment payment in all its branches and to undertake and carry on and execute all kinds of financial, industrial, trading and other operations.

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