Main Object for General Agency Business

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Main Object of Company MOA for General Agency Business

  1. To carry on all kinds of business of Agency, including that of clearing Agents, Freight contractors, Steamer Agents, Forwarding Agents Licensing Agents and General Brokers.
  2. To act as stockiest, agent, commission agents, mukadams manufacturers’ representatives or agents, selling and purchasing agents, distributors, brokers, trustees, attorneys and subject to the provisions of the companies Act, 1956 transfer agent for any other company, firm, corporation or person, to organize, promote, firm, corporation or person, to organize, or manage any business, industry or concern and for the purpose of management to appoint the appoint the representative of this Company to act as Directors thereof.
  3. To carry on, agency business and to act as agents, selling, agents, buying agents, brokers, trustees of any company, association, firm or person and to render agency services to trade and industry as may be required from time to time.
  4. To carry on, acquire and/or take over business of and/or take over agency business of and/or act as selling agents, purchasing agents forwarding agents, sub-agent for trade and industry and to act as agents of producers, buyers, sellers, distributors or suppliers for and to any Government India State or any other public authority of officer and any other person, firm, corporate, or incorporate body and/or association of persons.
  5. To carry on the business as agents, factor, commission agents, adatiyas, buying of and selling agents, distributors, indenting agents, shipping agents, clearing and forwarding agents, sub-agents estate agents or agents of any kind or description and to sell, distribute, export and import, act as manufactures representative, deal in all kinds of engineering goods, chemicals and allied products, plastics, leather and leather goods and other animal products, sports goods, fish and fish products, goods, handicrafts, cashew, krenels, tobacco and tobacco products, textiles, cinematograph films (exposed), coir products, natural fiber products, readymade garments hosiery and knitwear, gem and jewellery, stainless, steel products, mineral, raw materials.

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