Main Object for Builders and Contractor

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Main Object of Company MOA for Builders and Contractor

  1. To purchase, sale, take on lease or in exchange, or otherwise acquire any lands and buildings in the state of Madras or elsewhere, and any estate or interest in, and any rights connected with, any such lands and buildings and to develop and turn to account any land acquired by or in which the company is interested, and in particular by laying out and preparing the same for building purposes.
  2. To carry on the business of contractors and builders, decorators, merchants and dealers in stone, sand, lime, bricks, cement, timber, hardware and other building requisites, brick and tile and jobmasters, carriers, and house agents.

Main Object of Company MOA for Builders and Contractor

  1. To take up the business of builders, contractors, land developers, property owners and to act as estate agents and property consultants and dealers in and manufacturers of prefabricated and pre-cast houses, buildings, and erections and materials, tools, implements, machinery and metalware in connection therewith or incidental thereto and to carry on any other business that is customarily, usually and conveniently carried on therewith.
  2. To erect, build, construct, maintain, alter, extend, enlarge, purchase and sell, pull, down remove replace, improve or develop and to work, maintain, manage and control any buildings, chawls, offices, factories, mills, foundries, refineries , furnaces, godowns, warehouses, shops machinery, engines, roadway or other means of transport, sidings bridges, take, water courses, water systems wharves, electrical works gas works or works operated by any other kind of fuel or power and also such other machinery equipment conveyances works and conveniences to subsidize, contribute to or otherwise give assistance or take part in doing any of these things and/or to join with any other person or company or with any Government or Governmental authority in doing any of these.
  3. To do the business of Housing by constructing houses, bungalows row houses, farm, houses, resorts with or without adjoining gardens and selling, let exchange, deal with, dispose of the same and to prepare, manufacture and deal in materials, necessary for building and to carry on business as building contractors and developers and to acquire land and plots for colonization or otherwise, sell plots, flats, construct buildings for sale and rent or both on installments or otherwise.
  4. To manufacture prefab houses either independently or in collaboration with any Indian or foreign company or firm and to undertake the completion or partial erection and construction or otherwise, sell plots, construct buildings and renovate for sale and rent or both on installments or otherwise.
  5. To extent or develop the business of the company from time to time by purchasing acquiring by exchange or Otherwise or taking on lease for the company in any part of India of India or elsewhere any lands (whether freehold, leasehold or otherwise) with or without buildings standing thereon and any machinery, plant, or other property (including trademarks, trade name, and goodwill of every description) (Movable or as well as immovable) necessary or expedient for any business or object or prospective business or requirement of the company or any estate or interest in or right over any such property and by erection, constructing and maintaining on any lands of or in the possession of the company and building, structures, works, and machinery, plant and to alter, enlarge and remove all or any of the buildings, factories, premises, machinery and other thing for the time being the property of the company and to expend for such purposes from time to time such sums of money as the company may deem necessary or expedient.
  6. To carry on the businesses of proprietors of lands, flats, maisonettes, dwelling, houses, shops, offices, industrial estates, leases of lands, flats and other immovable properties and purchase, take on lease or otherwise acquire and hold and lands or buildings of any tenure or description wherever situated, or right or interests therein or connected therewith, to prepare building, sites and to construct, reconstruct, pull-down, renovate, alter, improve, decorate, furnish and maintain flats, maisonettes, dwelling houses, shops, offices, blocks, buildings, industrial estates, works and conveniences basis and transfer such building to co-operative society, limited companies or association of person or association of person or individual as the case may be , to lay out roads, pleasure gardens, recreation grounds, auditorium, theatres and sports pavilion to plant, drain, or otherwise improve land building or any part thereof.

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