Main Object for Agricultural Chemicals in Manufacturing

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Main Object of Company MOA for Agricultural Chemicals

To do manufacturing, producing, refining, processing, formulating, mix or otherwise acquire, invest in own, hold, use, lease, mortgage, pledge, buy and sell, exchange, distribute, assign, transfer or otherwise dispose of, trade deal in and with, import or export of agricultural chemicals, fertilizers, manures, their mixtures and formulations, petrochemicals, industrial, industrial, and any chemicals, source materials, ingredients, mixtures, derivatives and compounds thereof and industrial and other preparations or products arising from or required in the manufacture, refining of any kind of fertilizers, manures, their mixtures and formulations and fats, dips, sprays, vermifuges, insecticides, germicides, its disinfecting preparations, fumigators, medicines and remedies for agricultural tree and fruit growing, gardening and other purposes or as remedies for human and animals and whether produced from vegetable, mineral, gaseous, animal.


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