Main Object of Chemical and Chemical Compounds Company

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Main Object of Company MOA for Chemical and Chemical Compounds

  1. To promote, carry on the business of manufactures of and dealers in chemicals, chemical compounds (organic and inorganic) in all forms, and chemical product of any nature and kind whatsoever, and by-products and joint product thereof.
  2. To carry on business as importers, exporters, chemical engineers, analytical, chemists, manufacturers of and dealers in heavy chemicals, acids, alkalies, petrochemicals, chemical, compounds, and chemicals of all kinds (solid, liquid and gaseous), drugs, medicines, pharmaceuticals,Main Object of Company MOA for Chemical and Chemical Compounds antibiotics, tannins, tannin , extracts, essences, solvents, plastics of all types, dyestuffs, intermediates, textile auxiliaries, cellophanes, colors, days paints, varnishes, vat and other organic dyestuffs, chemical auxiliaries, disinfectants, insecticides, fungicides, deodorants, bio-chemicals and pharmaceutical, medicinal, sizing, bleaching, photographic and other preparations and articles.
  3. To carry on the business as manufacture of chemicals, medicines, manures, distillers, dye makers, metallurgists and electrical and mechanical manufacturing and consulting engineering, rolling stock wagos manufacturers, wharfingers, warehousemen, barge-owners, forwarding agent, planters, Farmers, and sugar merchants and so far as may be deemed expedient to the business of general merchants.
  4. To manufacture, deal in or process styrene, butadiene, ethylene, alcohol, petroleum fractions and other chemical substances of all kinds, to manufacture compounds synthetics and other substances, basic intermediate or otherwise from chemical substances of all kinds.
  5. To manufacture, buy sell, import, export, and deal in chemicals, chemical compounds, chemical products, acids, alkalies, petrochemicals, chemical medicines, drugs, pharmaceuticals, antibiotics, tannin, tannin extracts, essences, solvents, plastic of all types, dyes, dye stuff, intermediate, paints, varnishes, disinfectants, insecticides, fungicides, deodorants, bio-chemicals and sizing, bleaching and photographic materials.

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