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Main Object of Acids, Alkalies & Other Chemicals Business Company

Main Object of Acids, Alkalies & Other Chemicals Business Company

Main Object Of Company Acids Alkalies Other Chemicals Business

  1. To carry on business as manufactures, formulators, processors, producers, growers, fermentations, distillers, refiners makers, importers, exporters, buyers, sellers, suppliers, stockiest, agents, merchants, distributors and concessionaires of , and dealers in acids and alkalis, salts, inorganic and organic compounds, solvents, compressed coal, gases, chemicals, petro-chemicals, plastics, surface coating, adhesives fertilizers, pesticides, rubbers, cement, cryogenics, food additives, dyes and inks, intermediates, cosmetics and detergents, and soaps, sanitary chemicals, propellants, explosives, pharmaceuticals, glass and ceramics, man-made fibers, sugars and starches, fine chemicals, water purificationMain Object of Company Acids, Alkalies & Other Chemicals Business salts and chemicals, pigments, vegetable tanning and extracts, petroleum products, fuel and industrial gases and all inorganic and organic chemicals and compounds of any kind, character and property which has been developed of known or which may be developed or invented in future as a result of any research done or studies made in any part of the world and which may be produced, manufactured or formulated by any of the chemical processes, reactions, or unit operations such as alkylation, amination by reduction, ammonolysis, calcinations, calcinations, carboxylation, causticization, combustion, condensation, concentration, dehydration, diazotization, double decomposition, distillation, electrolysis, esterification, fermention, frisdel crafts filtration, halogenetion, hydriformylation and synthesis of hydro carbons, hydrogenation, hydration and hydrolosis, isomerizaton, neutralization, nitration, oxidation, polymerization, purolysis or cracking reduction, silicate formation, sulfonation, saponification, alkali fusion or by any other chemical conversion, electrical conversion, physical operation or manipulation of either any raw material from mines, forest, sea, air, farm, oil, brine, gas wells and animal substances or any products, by-products and residual substances form any chemical process and conversion into any marketable products, consumer goods entered directly into the economic life or as intermediates or chemicals for the manufacture of consumer items or as row materials for further fabrication in other industries.
  2. To carry on business as producers, manufacturers, processors, converters, refiners, makers, bottlers, stockiest, dealers, importers, exporters, traders, retailers, agents, buyers or sellers of oxygen, acetylene, ammonia, nitrogen, hydrogen, coal gas, natural gas, helium and other and kinds of gases, mineral oil, motor and aviation spirit, diesel oil, kerosene, divers, hydrocarbon oils and their blends including synthetic fuels and lubrication oils required for or used in industries, agriculture, clinics, hospitals, refrigeration, aviation, transport vehicles, space rockets and crafts, communication objects and media, power plants, domestic or public lighting, heating, cooling or cooking purposes, lighters, plants producing water, chemicals or fuels, pesticide, defense or warfare establishments, horticulture, forest or plant protection and growth another allied purposes and to service, repair, manufacture, market or deal in machinery plants, spares, cylinders, containers, gadgets, appliances and accessories required for, working or producing any of such gases, oils and products.
  3. To carry on the business of manufacturing and compressing carbonic acid gas, oxygen, acetylene, carbon dioxide, sulfuric and all other types of gases and acids, ice, aerating machinery and parts thereof and the business and sellers of and dealer sin all machinery, chemicals and other material incidental to the manufacture of carbonic acid gas, oxygen, acetylene, ice aerating machinery and parts thereof and to transact all preparing processes and mercantile business that may be necessary or expedient and to purchase and vend the raw materials and manufactured articles including gas cylinders and parts thereof.

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