Main Object for Agricultural Equipment or Implements

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Main Object of Company MOA for Agricultural Equipment or Implements

  1. To carry on and deal in the business as agents or general representatives or stockiest or distributors of agricultural implements, tools, pumps, drilling, equipment, casting tubers, manures, seeds, fertilizers, pesticides, agricultural, chemicals, fumigants, insecticides, weedicides, plant protection equipment, cold storage and refrigeration equipment, and other agricultural services and input.
  2. To do the business of agricultural machines, plant protection appliances of different kinds and description suitable for farming and other field operations, haulage, irrigation and poultry and in particular power agricultural tillers, hand tractors, threshers, rice-hullers and polishers, pumps reapers, lawn movers, sprayers, sprinkles, dusters, mists, seeds and fertilizers drills and transplant whether motivated by internal combustion engines, electric motors and/or batteries driven by animals or worked parts, manually along with their engines, drier, attachment, implements, tools, jigs and die, parts, components assemblies, castings and machine tools for special applications and to purchase, import, export, sell and generally deal in the same and for that purpose to acquire by purchase lease or structure, plant and machinery with all accessories, and other appurtenances and also to erect, construct, equip & maintain.
  3. To manufacture, assemble, fabricate, import, export, deal and distribute tractors and its part, and tools and implements required for agriculture or farming and to undertake repairs, servicing and maintenance jobs of every description for tractors, agriculture machinery, tools and equipment.

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