Main object of Company MOA for Advisers and Consultants

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Main object of Company MOA for Advisers and Consultants

  1. To act as Advisers, Technical, Industrial consultants and to provide technical knowhow, render advice on planning development, research design, plant operation, to make feasibility studies, assist in acquisition and concern of plant and machinery, to provide procurement, construction and technical services and to render such other services as are usually rendered by consultants for and in connection with the management, manufacture, production, processing of engineering goods and any other allied products required by trade and industry; and to act as Management consultants and to provide services of data processing and modern management sciences.
  2. To provide personnel requirement services and to carry on business of industrial consultants and providing personal services, accountants, typists, salesmen supervisors, workers and labourers, and incur expenses for transportation, postage stationery and other auxiliary and incidental expenses for the business of service contract entered in by way person.

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