Main Object of Company MOA for Clearing and Shipping Agents

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Main Object of Company MOA for Clearing and Shipping Agents

  1. To carry on the business as clearing, forwarding, transport agents, agents for handling materials, contractors for movements of goods and materials, charterers of road vehicles, ships, barges and boats of every descriptions, customs agents, shipping agents, ship brokers, ship managers, charterers, wharfingers, stevedores, transshipment agents, freight contractors insurance brokers, shroffs, warehousemen, loading brokers, carriers by road, rail, water and air, guarantee brokers, commission agents, exporters and underwriters, packers, cartage and haulage contractors, store-keepers, cargo superintendents, job masters, and mukadams, tug owners, barge owners, lighter men, dock owners, ship store merchants, to establish, maintain and operate shipping, transport services (public and private) for passengers and cargo between Main Object of Company MOA for Clearing and Shipping Agentssuch ports in any part of the world to purchase, take in exchange, or on hire purchase, charter, hire, build, construct or otherwise acquire and to own, work, manage and trade with steam, sailing, motor and other ships trawlers, drifter, tugs and vessels, to undertake and carry on all or any of the trades and business of shippers, ship owners, ship brokers, shipping agent, underwriters, ship managers, tug owners, shipping agents, loading brokers, freight contractors carriers by land, air and water transport, haulage and general contractor, barge owners, lighter-railway and for-warding agents, dock owners agents, dock owners, engineers, ships store merchants, stevedores, warehousemen, wharfingers, salvers, ship builders, ship repairers.
  2. To carry on the business as freight contractors, forwarding agents, public carriers, and owners, of motors, lorries, trucks, vessels, boats, steam launches, planes, taxies, barges, and to act as warehousemen and otherwise as carriers by land, air and water.

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