Main Object for Agricultural Business

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Main Object of Company MOA for Agricultural Business

  1. To plant, cultivate, produce and raise sugarcane, and acquire, construct and operate sugar mills, distillery and boned laboratory mills.
  2. To purchase any agricultural, horticultural produces for re-sale, prepare for the market, tin, pack or otherwise process and sell any agricultural products.
  3. To cultivate any estates, lands and properties and grow thereon cardamoms, cereals, garden produces and to carry on the business of general planters, growers, manufacturers, farmers, gardeners, and to prepare, process manufacture and render marketable the produce and products of any estates, Lands and/or properties to account.
  4. To plant, grow, cultivate, produce and raise, purchase, sell repurchase and re-sell, deal in or turn to account or otherwise dispose of sugarcane, sugar beets and other plants used in the manufacture of sugar and to deal in every way possible I sugar and products made of or with sugar and all by products thereof.
  5. To carry on the business in agricultural production by cultivation or farming on land, space, water or in special chambers and to purchase, acquire, use and employ land in agricultural, horticultural or pastoral use and to carry on the business of general farmers, fairy farmers, orchardists, pastoralists, and growers of produce of any description for which the lands may from time to time be found to be most adoptable or suitable.
  6. To own, purchase, take on lease, hire or exchange or otherwise acquire any estate, land, tea garden, orchards, groves, plantations and farms and to carry on business as cultivators, grovers, producers, planters, manufacturers, buyers, sellers, dealers, importers, exporters, agents, brokers, traders, or stockiest of tea, coffee, cocoa, cinchona, rubber, bamboo, timber, fruits, vegetable, coconut, spices, cardamom, jute, hemp, cotton, sugarcane, linseed, oil-seeds, wheat and other grains and any kind of horticulture, agricultural food or beverage product of products.

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