Main Object of Company MOA for Cinema House

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Main Object of Company MOA for Cinema House

  1. To carry on the business of proprietors, individuals or managers of theatres, places and halls, studios, and cinematographic shows and exhibitions.
  2. To purchase, hire, equip or otherwise acquire any photographic and cinematographic apparatus, equipment in connection with cinematographic shows and exhibitions.
  3. To purchase films or to take on hire films from other persons and to re-let on hire the same. To produce cinematographic films and to let on hire or sell the same.
  4. To acquire by purchase, lease, grant, assignment, transfer, exchange or otherwise lands, gardens, premises and to erect buildings, cinema house or houses for show pictures, studios, laboratory, factory and to do any capable business being conducted so as to indirectly or directly benefit the Company.
  5. To acquire land/buildings as owners/lease holders or otherwise by itself or through promoters to construct, and run cinema houses, commercial, residential, agricultural properties, theaters, places and halls, lodging houses, guest houses, restaurants, parking places of all kinds.

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