Main Object of Advertising Agents Company

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Main Object of Company MOA for Advertising Agents

  1. To carry on or deal in the business of advertising either as contractors or agents or as both and to act as media planner for trade and industry; and to carry on the business of manufacturers or dealers of apparatus, appliances, or material employed by advertising contractors or agents in their business and to purchase or otherwise acquire and undertake the whole or any part of the business, property and liability of any person or firm or an company, carrying on such or similar business or advertising contractors or agents or any other business which may be usefully carried on in connection therewith;
  2. To carry on the business of advertisement, advertising agents, contractors agents, contractors and media planners and organizers of exhibitions and seminars and dealers in pictures and other artworks, artist colors, oils, paints and other instruments and ingredients and ingredients relating to advertising business;
  3. To carry on the business of advertisement, Advertising Agents and for the purposes of purchasing and selling the advertising time or space on any Radio Station, television centre, internet or any other media in India or which may be in vogue at any time like cinematograph and including newspapers, Souvenirs, hoardings, neon signs and other display devices of all kinds and descriptions to promote the sale or any other interest of trade and in industry, and to deal in all kinds of equipment, and material required for the for the purpose of carrying on the business of advertising agents and contractors.
  4. To carry on the business of advertisement, advertising agents, advertisement contractors, media planners, and designers of advertisements through gift articles and novelties including material required for hoarding sites, neon signs, exhibitions held for sales promotion, market development.
  5. To carry on the profession and business of advertisers, in the field of public instruction, entertainment, mass communication and generally to carry on the business of advertising in all its branches by utilizing and/or exploitation howsoever including film, radio, television, audit-visual, audio, visual, print display and newspapers, magazines and demonstrative communication.

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