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Cost or Fees for Company Registration

The company being a legal creation and it can be incorporated in two ways after introduction of simplified incorporation process by filing just one e-form. The government fee for registration of a company require to be deposited with the registrar depend on three factors namely the number of directors and shareholders, the authorised capital with which the company is being formed and the state or union territory in which the registered office of the company shall be situated. jjGovernment Fees for Registration of a Company Delhiddsfsdfdsf

Government Fees for Registration of a Company Delhi

The two methods of company incorporation as explained in following table where we have distinguished the situation in which a particular method falls. Thereafter we have represented the legal provisions with respect of filing the company registration form and indicative cost of the incorporation in each method.

Pvt Ltd Company Registration in Delhi @ Rs. 6,899/-  All Inclusive Price | In 2 – 7 DaysGovernment Fees for Registration of a Company Delhi

Method of Company Incorporation


This route is available if the total number of subscribers are up to 7 and the number of directors are limited to 3 Only. This format is applicable to Private Company, Small Company, OPC, Public, Section 8 and foreign subsidiary only.
This route is simple and is fastest mode of registration of a company, because this includes only single form for DIN application, name application, incorporation and PAN/TAN. This route also provide a simplest e-form for Memorandum and Article of Association of the company which are the company’s charter and bye-laws.  Stakeholders are need to be careful while indulge in selection of name of the company because this form accept only single name. Government Fees for Registration of a Company Delhi

There is no need to apply for PAN/TAN as the same is allotted at the time of incorporation itself.

Applicable for cases which does not fall under Spice route (available in case the total number of shareholder are more than 7 and the number of director exceed 3).
In this case DIN approval, name approval are done separately and after name approval following three e-forms are filed for the purpose mentioned herein:(a) INC-7: Application form for Company registration(b) DIR-12: For director appointment(c) INC-22: To intimate registered office(d) INC-21: For commencement of business


The form INC-7 is an alternate method which should be resorted to in a situation when Spice (INC-32) form cannot be used due to the restriction on number of shareholder and director. After incorporation of company separate application form PAN/TAN is necessary Government Fees for Registration of a Company Delhi

Government Fees for a Company with Authorised Capital of Rupees One Lakh in Delhi with 2 Director / Shareholder

(Registration fees and Stamp duties are dependent on the number of Directors, State in which registered office is situated and the Authorised Capital of the Company. For a customised quote kindly contact us).

Sl. No. Government feesLegal Provision Fee in SpiceFee in INC-7
1.Digital Signature Certificate – of Class-2 It has to be obtained from private vendor duly authorised by the Central Government


  1. Rs. 900/- for one year validity for each directors and shareholders
  1. Rs. 1200/- for two year validity for each directors and shareholders
Rs. 2400/-Rs. 2400/-
2.Application fee for Director Identification Number (DIN) Prescribed fee is Rs. 500/- for each DIN application which has to be applied with digital signature (confirm if the DSC is valid for applicant)NIL*Rs. 1000/-
3.Application for name reservation Prescribed fee is Rs. 1,000/- onlyNIL*Rs. 1000/-
4.Registration fees for small Company (Filing fees of MOA)Prescribed fee is as under:


(i) Where authorised capital is upto Rs. 10  lakh, the fees is Rs. 2,000/- only
(ii) After Rs. 10  lakh of authorised capital and up to Rs. 50  lakh the government fees is increases @ Rs. 200 for each Rs. 10,000 or part thereof

Rs. 2,000/-Rs. 2,000/-
5.Stamp duty on MOA, AOA and INC-7/SPICEStamp duty differs from state to state, for Delhi it is as under:


(a) For MOA: It is fixed at  Rs. 200/-.

(b) For AOA: It is 0.15% of the capital of the company.

(c) INC-7/SPICE: It is fixed at Rs. 10/-.

Rs. 360/-Rs. 360/-
6.SPICE form filing feesThis fees is same throughout India and  fixed at Rs. 500/- only Rs. 500/-NIL#
7.Filing fees for forms


(a) INC-7

(b) DIR-12

(c) INC-22

(d) AOA

The prescribed filing fees is applicable based on the capital of the company which is as under:


Sl. No.Authorised Capital Filing fees
1.Less than Rs. 1  lakhRs. 200/-
2.Rs. 1 lakh to Rs. 4.999  lakhRs. 300/-
3.Rs. 5  lakh to Rs. 24.999  lakhRs. 400/-
4.Rs. 25  lakh to Rs. 99.999  lakhRs. 500/-
5.For more than Rs. 1 crore Rs. 600/-
NIL*Rs. 1200/-
8.PAN/TAN fees Prescribed fees are as under:


(a) PAN card – Rs. 107/-

(b) TAN Number – Rs. 63/-

NIL*Rs. 170/-
9.Cost of Non-judicial Stamp Paper and Notary ApproxRs. 240/-Rs. 240/-
TotalRs. 5,500/-Rs. 8,370/-

(1) NIL* represents a situation which is not applicable in case of SPICE form.

(2) NIL# represents items which is not applicable in case of INC-7 form.


Complex situation: Following situations discourages direct filing of Spice form which may arise on account of difficulties in DIN allotment and the proposed name of the company being complex, these are as under: –

  1. In cases where the proposed director and shareholder name or the father’s name does not include surname then SPICE form cannot be filed as it mandatory require surname. However, the persons having single name can very well obtain DIN Number by filing individual DIN application in DIR-3.
  2. In SPICE application Aadhaar number is mandatory in case the stakeholder does not have a valid DIN (In other words, DIN is applied through SPICE form), hence in the cases where the proposed director and shareholder does not have an Aadhaar Number then individual application for DIN allotment has to be filed for allotment of DIN prior to filing SPICE form.
  3. In SPICE form only one name can be applied and in case that name is not available the registrar gives two re-submission opportunities within a period of 30 days only. Names are approved based on the legal provisions contained under the Companies Act and Rules made thereunder. The names it is already register or which closely resembles with a registered companies or company under incorporation or which is against names and emblems Act or which is same or similar to a registered trademark or a trademark for which a registration application has been filed. The name approval is a discretionary power with the Registrar of companies which can be refused a particular name based on more than 150 reasons prescribed under rules for example names which is two general, names containing city or state names etc. Hence, it is not recommended to insist for particular name for and in situations where it seems that there are very less chances of name approval because of reasons stated above, it is recommended that applicant must file for the name approval separately in Form INC-1 where six names can be given in order of preference for the consideration of the Registrar of Companies. However, to apply for a name prior to filing SPICE form additional cost shall be incurred as Rs. 1,000/- for two DIN and Rs. 1,000/- for name availability application.

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