The company is a legal creation, and it came into existence with its registration under section 3 of the Companies Act, 2013. The entire process of company incorporation is online, and not a single document is submitted to the ROC for issuance of the Certificate of Incorporation.

The  Company Registration depends on the authorized capital, location of the registered address, and the number of promoters. In this article, we would be discussing why the cost of the company registration varies on the above-said factors and then will understand how to calculate the cost of company registration in India on a specific capital, state, & number of promoters. The cost of company registration may be grouped in four major heads as explained in the below paragraph.

  1. Professional Fee Payable to a Consultant Like. Setindiabiz.
  2. The Government Fee (ROC Fee and Stamp Duty).
  3. Cost of Digital Signature For Each Promoter.
  4. GST @ 18% on the Professional Fee and the Cost of DSC.

Private Limited Company Registration Fee

Despite the increasing cost of delivering high-quality professional service, we have deliberately kept the fee for company registration at the rock bottom of the market to promote young entrepreneurs and startups. Our professional fee depends on the authorized capital and the number of promoters of the proposed company.

(i) Our Standard Professional Fee: For company registration in India, our standard professional fee is Rs 2999/- for all over India applications. The usual price is applicable for cases where the number of promoters is two, and the authorized capital is up to rupee one lakh.

(ii) Promoter Factor: The standard fee includes documentation and filing support for up to two promoters, and we increase our fee by Rs 1000 for each additional director or shareholder (Promoter). The promoter wise professional fee is desirable due to the increase in workload.

(iii) Authorized Capital Factor: Our standard fee structure for Company Registration is very affordable & intended to benefit the small entrepreneur or startup where our margin is very thin. Please support us with a little extra fee based on the authorized capital of the company. To calculate the overall fee for Company Incorporation Please see Company Registration

The Government Fee of Company Registration depends on the Authorized Capital and the State, where the registered office of the company would be situated. The components of the Government fee is as under

(i) Name Reservation Fee (RUN): Though the company registration application can be filed directly without reserving the name. However, we recommend submitting a RUN application with a government fee of Rs 1000 before the filing of Spice Plus form. The reserved name brings certainty to the entire process o incorporation.

(ii) ROC Fee for Incorporation of the Company: This is prescribed in rule 12 of the Companies (Registration of Offices and Fees) Rules, 2014 and is calculated based on the authorized capital of the company. For small companies and OPC, the ROC fee is Zero up to the authorized capital of Rs 10 Lakh.

(iii) Stamp Duty on MOA/AOA & Spice Form: This is levied by the state government on Spice Form, MOA & AOA. The state government collects the stamp duty, and it differs from state to state, and generally, it is based on the authorized capital of the company.

(iv) Cost of PAN & TAN: The fee payable to the Income Tax Department for allotment of PAN and TAN. The cost for PAN is Rs. 66 and for TAN it is Rs 65.

For filing application for registration of a company is digitally signed by the Digital Signature of all the directors and the shareholders (Subscribers of MOA & AOA). The cost of the digital signature is approximately 1200 to 1500 for each person. However, we have a corporate arrangement with digital signature issuing company and provide a reduced cost of Rs. 750/- for each digital signature.

GST is charged on our professional fee and the cost of the digital signature @ 18%.

Company Registration – Our Fee is Rs 3,499/- Only

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Factors Affecting the Over All Company Registration Fee

The First Cost Factor – Authorized Capital of Company: The authorized capital of the company is the limit up to which a company can raise its capital. In a company, you come across the words like Authorized Capital, Subscribed Capital and Paid-up Capital, etc.; For a thorough understanding of these terms Click here. The ROC fee of Company Registration is dependent on the amount of authorized capital of the company. It increases with the increase of the capital. You may like to refer to The Companies (The Registration Offices and Fees) Rules, 2014; the Rule 12 prescribe fee to be paid to roc for company registration and filing of other documents based on the authorized capital of the company. For ease of doing business and to promote Startup India mission of the government of India, there is Zero Roc Fee for Incorporation of a Company if the capital of the company is limited to ten lakh.

The Second Cost Factor – The State of Registered Address:  A company is incorporated by filing the memorandum of Association & Articles of Association (MOA and AOA) of the company, It is also regarded as the constitution of the company. Refer to our discussion on the MOA and AOA of the company, its meaning and contents. The state governments impose stamp duty on the MOA and AOA of a company which is differently prescribed by each state in India through their specific state laws, kindly refer to the particular stamp Act of the state.

The Third Cost Factor – The Number of Promoters: The application for incorporation is filed with the digital signature of each director and the shareholder (Promoters), and at all places, they have to sign the form digitally. The cost of the digital signature is Rs 750 for each promoter, and our professional fee for handling each promoter beyond two is Rs 1000 each. Hence we can say that the number of promoters.

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ROC Fee For Company Registration – For Small Company & OPC

 S.No  Authorised Capital Level  ROC Fee
 1.  Less than or equal to Rs 10,00,000  NIL
 2.  After the first 10 Lakh to Rs 50,00,000  Rs 2000 for 10 Lakh plus Rs 200 for every 10,000 after 10 Lakh.

Following is the list of the requirements.

 S.No  Authorised Capital Level  ROC Fee
 1.  Less than or equal to Rs 10,00,000  NIL
  2.  When Capital Exceed Rs 10 Lakh  Rs 36000 Plus
  2A  For every 10,000 or part thereof after first 10 to 50 Lakh  Rs 300
  2B  For every 10,000 or part after first 50 Lakh to One Crore  Rs 200
  2C  For every 10,000 or part thereof after Rs 1 Crore  Rs 75