We came across a product for lead generation and client engagement in the form of Hello TARS. It is a wonder product. The impressive part for us is the drop and drag feature of building the Bot. The deployment on the website is super easy for you

Let me tell our story, we at setindiabiz.com are India’s Leading Startup Registration, compliance, Tax Management & IPR Protection Company. We operate with branches all over India, with full-fledged offices at North Delhi, South Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, and Bangalore. There are few players like us in the market and like any other business leads or prospects who are interested in our services is most important for us.

Best ChatBot for Website, Made in India for the World

We used to have a chat widget on our website and thought that it is working well for us. However, after implementation of Hello Tars, we proved wrong. The number of engagements grew at the same time we got the right perspective of things. The qualification of leads grew phenomenally. We strongly recommend to startups to give a try to the Hello Tars ChatBot, which can be installed on specific pages or all pages of the website.

Recently we ran a study to see what impact the chatbot Hello Tars have on the cost reduction of AdWords and we were impressed to see more than half cost per acquisition of lead through a PPC Campaign. The Hello Tars Bot URL can be used as landing pages of the PPC Campaign.

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