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ISI Mark Registration

ISI is a certification mark for industrial products. It is important both for consumer and manufactures as it ensures conformity to the standards with regard to the quality, safety and reliability of the products. Standards for a product is formulated by Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) , a national Standards Body of India. ISI mark is mandatory for certain products.

ISI Mark Registration

There are many standardization process in India. ISI certification is one of them. Bureau of Indian Standard (BIS) issues this certificates. It is issued for the conformity assessment, and quality assurance of goods, articles, process, systems and services. This Mark gives a distinct quality identity to the product. It confirms reliability and safety to the end users and for the manufacturer it brings good will and identity for brand.

Benefits of ISI certification

  • Availability of quality products to end users
  • Optimum utilization of resources during production of goods
  • Reduction in wastages in production process
  • Ensuring availability of quality product at reasonable price leading to customer satisfaction and hence better business opportunities

Important points in ISI certification

✔ The certification process is basically voluntary. Any manufacturer, who has confidence about the quality conformity with BIS standard of his product can file for the certification.

✔ BIS laid down standards for 16 broad categories like textile, packaged water, food items, automobile components etc.

✔ However, there is a list of 90 items for which BIS certification mandatory. These items are closely related with public health and safety and mass consumption. Items are like Gas valves, cylinders, infant foods etc. To produce these items without a certification is an offence in India.

✔ For domestic manufacturer there are two method of certification:

1. In normal process, BIS evaluates the capability of the manufacturer to produce as per BIS standard.

2. In simplified procedure manufacturer submits test report to BIS and then the products and process gets tested. In successful completion, certificate is granted. This process takes 30 working days.

✔ All licences are granted only after assessment visit by BIS.

✔ In non-conformity, Bureau directs the licence holder to repair the product or pay compensation to the consumer. In such case fine can be imposed which may extend to 5 lakhs.

✔ For mandatory licensable products manufacturer is liable to prosecution for non-conformity of standard.

✔ There is another certification named Hallmark which is applicable to precious metals like gold, silver etc. As these things are not made in industry and human skills associates in making jewellery from precious metals, ISI is not applicable to it.

✔ BIS certification process is little technical in nature. Expert Supervision and guidance is strongly recommended.

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