Intellectual Property Rights

The value of IPR Registration in India is normally appreciated only when someone steals it. A registration of the same affirms the right of owner over that, protect your brand, logo under trademark, your literature and websites in copyright.



Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)

Intellectual property is the property related to the creations of human intellect comprising both moral as well as commercial value. Unlike any other property it is intangible in nature as it includes the work of intellect like creative and literary works, inventions, designs, logo, brand name etc. As it is treated like any other property or asset, the protection of Intellectual Property Rights from infringement and any other legal issues by law becomes a matter of prime concern for any person. Setindiabiz understands the importance of such assets, especially for the startup and burgeoning businesses who wants their name or original work to be uniquely identified in the market. IPR Registration in India has been mainly categorized into four categories viz. trademark, patents, copyright and designs. Setindiabiz has a team of experienced IPR experts who deals in such IPR matters.

Why to Protect Intellectual Property?

  • Provides protection from infringement and other legal issues related to intellectual property of a person or business.
  • Increases the credibility of the brand among the consumers.
  • Prevents counterfeiting of the original product
  • Can gain financial benefits from IP assets through licensing, franchising, transfers, etc.
  • Creates Goodwill in the market.

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