GST Registration

With effect from 1st July 2017 the revolutionary one nation one tax, i.e., Goods & Service Tax is in enforce. The sale of goods or provision of services is now known as SUPPLY. Every supplier must obtain GST registration to continue doing business.

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GST Registration

The long-awaited goods and services tax is a reality now, which subsumes most of the indirect taxes in it. While tax base will increase the complication of compliance is set to reduce. Now the tax is not on manufacturing, sale or provision of service but is on supply. The system of GST is such where the credit of the GST paid on Inward Supply can be set off towards the GST on outward supply where the chain of tax credit needs to remain intact. Under the new tax regime, all persons involved in the supply of goods or services are required to obtain registration of GST. Those who are not registered under GST shall not be allowed to collect GST from customers or claim input tax credit (ITC) on inward supply. GST Council has prescribed 20 Lakhs of turnover to be the threshold limit for registration under GST. However, for north-eastern states, it is 10 Lakhs. The registration must be applied within 30 days of reaching the threshold limit.

Advantages of GST

GST Services - Pricing

GST Migration

Rs. 2950/-

Includes GST @ 18% (Rs. 450)

Existing Tax Payers of Excise, Vat & Service tax need to migrate to GST

GST Registration

Rs. 5900 /-

Includes GST @ 18% (Rs. 900)

All start-up engaged in any trade or business will eventually require registration

GST Return

Rs. 1770/-

Includes GST @ 18% (Rs. 270)

Monthly Filing of Various Returns and Reconciliation Service

Documents Required for GST Registration

Individual / Proprietorship


PAN card of individual


ID proof and address proof of Individual


Passport size Photograph of applicant


Bank Details - Copy of cancelled cheque or first page of Pass Book or first page of recent bank statement


Registered Office Documents- Copy of electricity bill/landline bill, water Bill etc in the name of applicant or in case the premises is rented, Rent


Any other license obtained from other department (PT, IEC, shop & establishment etc)


List of goods or services along with HSN Code or SAC Code.


Digital signature of applicant or Aadhar number should be linked with mobile number to get OTP

Contact us for assistance or any clarification on documentation for GST Registration or migration, we are open from 9:30 am to 6:30 pm on weekdays.

Similarly, the HUF and Individual Coparcener of the family have different PAN Numbers. Theturnover of karta as a karta of HUF will not be aggregated as they will have different PAN Numbers.

VOLUNTARY REGISTRATION: A person can obtain registration of GST even if a person is not require to get registered under GST as the turnover of is less that the threshold limit. For example, if a person is in Bhopal is having a turnover of just Rs. 6,00,000 still he can enrol under GST on voluntary basis.

Mandatory Registration with GST: If the tax payer qualifies any of below situation
1 When aggregate turnover exceeds Rs. 20 Lakhs (Rs. 10 Lakhs for North-Eastern States).
2 Taxpayer of any existing tax system which is being replaced with GST (VAT, Excise Laws, Service Tax Laws) irrespective of the threshold limit.
3 Having supplies between two or more states (Inter State Supplies e.g. from Delhi to Karnataka)
4 If the tax payer has multiple business lines/ verticals in one state
5 A Casual taxable person making taxable supply
6 A person who is require paying GST on reverse charge basis
7 A person required to deduct GST at source
8 Non-resident taxable person making taxable supply
9 An agent of a taxable person
10 Input service distributor
11 Person who supply goods or services through E Commerce operators
12 Every e-commerce operators
13 A person supplying services of online data retrieval services from outside India to a person in India


What is Goods and Services Tax (GST) ?

It is a destination based Indirect tax which is levied on a supply of Goods or Service. The GST is lived at the time and place of supply

Should I need to register under GST if I am a small shop keeper ?

GST is exempted until the turnover of your business is not equal to or more than 20 lacs all over India. However, for businesses of Northeast states the threshold turnover is Rs. 10 lacs only.

I have interstate supply, but my turnover is only 9 lakh do I need GST Registration?

For persons doing interstate supply, there is no exemption, and you need to apply for GST registration even you an interstate supply of Rs. one.

I have multiple business spread across various state, do I need to take GST Registration in all states

Yes, you need to take GST registration in all states from where you are supplying goods or services.

What is composition scheme?

Small tax payers having turnover of Rs. 75 lacs or less, can opt for composition scheme where the GST is 2% for manufactures, 5% for restaurants and 1% for other suppliers. The tax payer can’t take input credit.

What is HSN Code for goods or SAC code for services ?

The invoices need to contain HSN Code of goods or SAC codes for the services. The list of codes can be found by visiting

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