Section 6, of LLP Act Provide that at least two partners is the LLP at all the time, However if due to reasons of the resignation, death, luxury, insolvency the number of partners induces below 2 them LLP remaining Partner its issue to in case the number to 2 within 6 months. However is case, the minimum requirement is no increased to 2 of business is being by one partner then he alone shall be personably for the allegations of LLP incurred during that period.

Second 7 of the act prescribes that every LLP must have at least two DP out of which one must be resident of India of is case of any caused of DP then the same must u filled within 0days failing which all other partner shall be heated as DP.

To become a DP a Person must give his consent to act so, as liabilities are attached to position of DP.

The Appointment/removal of partners can be affected by changing amending the LLP agreement which needs further registration with ROC.Every change in DP needs to the intimated to ROC through form no 4.

The Produce top change appointment of DP Partner is as Under:-

Take consent of new partner of LLP to act as DP is form no 09.
Resignation of Designated partner
A person shall case to be DP is LLP in case of death, dissolution of LLP his declared to be unsound mind by courts or declared as insolvent
Upon resignation the meeting of all partners shall be called to accept the resignation of take not of it
To intimate ROC about assatuion of DP within 30 days in LLP form-4
Execute a supplementary agreement following showing removal of the resign DP from list of DP relevant clause DP to fill the same with ROC is form no-03
Take consent of new partner of LLP to act as DP is form no 09.