We provide to you a unique model of shared hiring of a CFO for your organisation at a fraction of the cost of what you would need to spend to engage a full time chief financial officer dedicated to work in your company. Our practice encompasses various sectors or verticals of industry such as technology based companies, Healthcare & pharma Companies, Real estate and infrastructure companies, automotive, engineering, manufacturing and e commerce players. Our resources shall be taking charge of entire operations of company’s CFO or head FinanceKey deliverables for a CFO Profile is as under


Strategy / Governance

As companies operate in a regulated environment which it require to adhere to set of rules and regulations, Our CFO resource shall be developing the tools and programmes to achieve governance.

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Business Plans & Budgeting

Organisations plan largely depends on the availability of funds, any scarcity of finance will certainly lead to non-achievement or deviation in planned results. A CFO forecasts availability of funds


Fund Raising

To raise required funds from various sources is the responsibility of CFO, he can advise of fresh issue of shares or debt from banks or FII based on the opportunity and cost analysis of the business

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Support Functions

As every function of the business require or involve financial consideration, a CFO plays a very pivotal role by providing insight to the managers taking decision from the perspective of funds availability, taxation etc.


Assurance & Risk

The vendor engagement and continuous relationship with the company require an eye on due diligence of the policies of the company and adherence to the set standards while procuring

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Legal Due Diligence

In the buzzing environment of mergers, takeovers, partnerships various organisations are restructuring to keep pace with time and competitors. The legal due diligence is the responsibility of the CFO.

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