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Bar Code Registration

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Bar code is an identification system for products.It is representation of data of a product in form of parallel lines varying in width and spacing between them. It is readable by machine and is widely used in super markets, malls, stores etc.for automatic identification of the product. We offer bar code registration services across India

Bar Code Registration
Barcode registration process

With the advent of industrialisation there was increase in the products and its varieties. Due to the tremendous increase of varied products, its number and frequency in supply chain capturing product information manually was a meticulous task. Thus a need was felt to have quick and precise identification of the products in supply chain which has led to the development of Bar Code. Finally, it was designed in 1970 by George J. Laurer in U.S.A.

Barcode is a machine readable image which quickly and accurately identifies a product. It is a unique global identification system which is used in supply chain for articles like product, logistic goods, entities of trade, location, documents etc. It is widely used in retail supply chain management. The majority of the retail stores throughout the globe are using bar code system for product identification and its management. So, if you are planning to sell your product through retail store or on online portals, the barcode for products are advisable. We at setindiabiz helps you in getting the bar code.

Barcode and its function

Barcode is a system designed to encode information such as product number, serial number, batch number etc. The representation in the barcode can be scanned electronically either through laser or camera based system to automatically identify the product and their specification and thus a revolution in supply chain management. This enables the parties to trade to automatically identify and track the product movement throughout the supply chain. It records data in uniform & structured manner and share these data with trading partners and consumers ensuring safety and security of the products in supply chain across the globe.

Types of barcode

There are different types of barcodes suitable for different industry or purpose. These are:

  • Data Bar Family
  • One dimensional(1D) Barcodes
  • Two dimensional(2D) Barcodes

These codes are international code and can be used in any country across the globe.

EAN/UPC are used in retail universally. EAN /UPC barcode is a machine readable image consisting of vertical bars of varied width and spaces in between. It is normally printed in black with white background to make it easily readable. Both of EAN/UPC can be used for a product but there is some difference between them, which is as below:

UPC Barcode is the first barcode designed in USA in 1970’s. It is a 12-digit barcode usually used in USA. A few years later EAN barcode was developed for international use which is 13-digit long. EAN bar code is widely used in India and worldwide except USA. Generally, all the bar code scanner can read both the bar codes.

Requirement of Barcode

Barcode being a product identification system, it is necessary to have different barcode for different product variants. In common language, a separate bar code is required for each different colour, size, quality or design of a product. We at setindiabiz helps you in getting the barcode.

Documents required for barcode

If you are a company wants to apply for barcode following documents will be required:

  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • MOA & AOA
  • Sale tax registration copy
  • Pan Card of company
  • Request letter for allotment of barcode
  • Turnover proof i.e copy of Balance Sheet as on 31st March 2016 or latest
  • Product classification sheet
  • Duly filled registration form along with prescribed fee

The fee will depend on number of barcodes required and validity period chosen by you.

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