Agmark Certification


Agmark Certification

Agmark Certification

Agmark-Agricultural sector plays a very important role in Indian economy. To effectively market the agriculture products in international market and in domestic markets in India standard for agricultural produce & products were required. Government of India through its agency Directorate of Marketing and Inspection(DMI) lays down standards for agricultural products which is implemented at State level. The quality certification for the agriculture produce which assures that the products conforms to the standards laid down by the Government of India is called Agmark Certification. Thus, Agmark is a quality certification for agricultural products provided by the Government of India which assures that the product containing the Agmark is good in terms of quality and produced in hygienic condition thereby fit for human consumption. It is useful both for consumers and producers, marketers and traders.

Important points in Agmark Certification

  • Agmark is a quality certification for agricultural produce by Government of India, under Agricultural Produce Grading and Marketing Act , 1937 amended in 1986.Agmark certified product must bear an Insignia of Agmark prescribed by the Directorate of Marketing and Inspection(DMI), an agency of Government of India.
  • Agmark certification is a voluntary certification unless it is made compulsory as per provision of Food Safety and Standards (Prohibition and Restriction on Sales) Regulation 2011.
  • It is product specific certification provided in Agriculture Produce (Grading and Marking) Act. Government of India fixes varied grading standards for different agriculture products which is implemented on state level.
  • To make the products comparable in international market the grading standards are fixed keeping in view the requirements of WTO.
  • The products bearing Agmark must conform to the standard laid down by Directorate of Marketing and Inspection(DMI), any contravention to this may require free replacement of graded products by the producer.

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